Network port(s) running in low speed for Cisco Nexus




Indeni will alert one or more network ports is running in a speed lower than 1000Mbps.

Remediation Steps

Many times ports are in a low speed due to an autonegotation error or a misconfiguration.
1. Use the "show interface" NX-OS command to display speed and duplex settings of an interface.
2. Use the "show interface status" and "show interface capabilities" NX-OS commands to gather more information about ports.
3. You can disable link negotiation using the "no negotiate auto" command. Use the "negotiate auto" command to enable auto negotiation on 1-Gigabit ports when the connected peer does not support auto negotiation. By default, auto-negotiation is enabled on 1-Gigabit ports and disabled on 10-Gigabit ports.
4. Cisco does not recommend to enable auto negotiation on 10-Gigabit ports. Enabling auto-negotiation on 10-Gigabit ports brings the link down. By default, link negotiation is disabled on 10-Gigabit ports.
NOTE: A shut and no shut to the interface may be required after the aforementioned configuration change.

How does this work?

This script logs into the Cisco Nexus switch using SSH and retrieves the output of the "show interface" command. The output includes all the interface related information and statistics.

Why is this important?

Capture the interface speed in human readable format such as 1G, 10G, etc.

Without Indeni how would you find this?

It is possible to poll this data through SNMP.

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