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In order to maintain day-to-day operations and meet performance goals, businesses need to know that their computer systems are being monitored and cared for correctly. In the IT World, this process is referred to as network management. Network management is an umbrella term, however, which covers the following services:

1. Security

In order to have complete peace of mind, businesses need to ensure their computer systems are protected from unverified users, malware, viruses and spyware. Thus, this is one of the most important aspects of network software.

2. Performance

Preventing interruptions or setbacks in performance is essential in order for businesses to get the most out of their network software systems. There are several ways to do this, including maintaining hard drives, monitoring processing speeds, conducting regular anti-virus scans, and more.

3. Reliability

Network management software systems often fall victim to power outages, fires, moisture, and other unexpected environmental disturbances. Your network’s ability to continue functioning despite these disturbances is referred to as your network’s reliability, which can be upheld using a strategy called network redundancy.

Why is Network Management Software Important?

There are a ton of benefits that come from implementing proper network management software solutions, but the easiest way to them sum up would look something like this: they enhance productivity for IT, reduce disruption for the business, and save everyone time and money in the long run.

And since 98 percent of businesses state that one hour of computer system downtime costs them over $100,000, the consequences of inadequate network management software can not to be overlooked.

Yet, many businesses still take a “it won’t happen to me” approach. This is particularly concerning when you consider that 54 percent of companies experienced one or more successful attacks that compromised data and IT infrastructure in 2017.

This means that every businesses has more than a 50/50 chance of experiencing a network management software related issue at any given time.

How Network Management Tools Can Help

Sure, you can hire an IT company to oversee the maintenance and monitoring of your network. But what if an issue arises and you aren’t able to reach your service provider? How long can your company afford to wait before identifying the cause of the problem?

This is where having a comprehensive, advanced network management software technology stack comes in handy.

Network management software

With the right tools and information, businesses can pinpoint network issues more quickly, analyze critical data points, and receive notifications when a potential issue is detected.

Why Indeni is a Critical Component for Network Management Solutions

It has taken years of researching, studying, and testing to develop the network management software behind Indeni Automation Platform Server. Our team wanted to ensure we were delivering a product that made it easy to manage IT operations for digital businesses.

Our network management software solution focused on three core criteria:

1. Expertise

2. Ease of use

3. Preventative Best Practices

By excelling in these categories, we were able to develop a network management software that provides a user experience that is unlike any other.

With the Indeni Platform, our customers can enjoy a network management software platform that comes with an intuitive user interface, and that seamlessly integrates with their other security devices, including Check Point firewalls, Palo Alto Network Firewalls, F5 Networks load balancers, Symantec Blue Coat web proxies and many more.

Our clients also benefit from the hundreds of certified network and security professionals who use Indeni Crowd to share their knowledge and build automated solutions to common network management issues.

Essentially, our network management software community is our client’s community, and our knowledge is their knowledge. As the professionals who participate in our online community create and implement new automation scripts and remediation steps, we share them with our clients, ensuring they are armed with the latest, most effective information the industry has to offer.

And lastly, we develop our network management software solutions to be just as powerful at preventing issues as they are at fixing them. Indeni Platform  is constantly checking for abnormal system behavior, and is able to identify over 1,000 different types of issues  that could impact your business.

By taking this approach, we are able to confidently recommend Indeni as a network management software to our clients, knowing that we have built a robust, innovative, and progressive solution you can depend on.

Network Management Statistics to Consider

Making the decision to invest in network management software is one of the most valuable actions a business owner can take.

But, understandably, many entrepreneurs want to be absolutely confident they are investing in the right network management software tool, for the right reasons.

So, we’ve compiled some of the most compelling data that confirms how crucial an effective network management system is.

Here are some network management stats to consider before finalizing your decision:

This research demonstrates just how destructive improper network management can be, leaving businesses vulnerable and susceptible to costly disruptions, or worse, intentional attacks. Contact us today to learn about our network management software solution.

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.