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Improve your Customer's Security Posture with Indeni

When deploying Check Point firewalls, configurations need to be made correctly and consistently, while continuously assessing and optimizing performance. With Indeni, security teams can be notified of misconfigurations and degradations in performance before they result in service downtime.

Learn how you can help your customers achieve operational efficiency, while increasing your bottom line with Indeni.

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Your customers may be reporting challenges gaining visibility into the health of their firewalls, identifying operator misconfigurations at the hardware level, and other operational issues. Their monitoring tools or home-grown scripts aren’t enough. A real solution needs to have an intimate understanding of how Check Point firewalls work.

Indeni is a proud partner with Check Point and has been used for years by large and medium-sized Check Point customers across the globe. Offer your customers a solution they will thank you for while growing your business.

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A large financial services company in the US has 250 Check Point firewalls and 250 Palo Alto Networks firewalls. They have been an Indeni customer for five years. They started with spending $150,000, and now spend $450,000 annually. The partner has grown over the years and is now making $50,000/yr.

An active Q2 2020 deal was brought to Indeni by a partner. The customer will pay $460,000, and the partner will retain $100,000 in margin.

We will train your sales reps on the value props and provide your engineers with in-depth training on specific use cases. Our team will work together with you on every deal you need us to and you can make up to 20% on recurring annual deals.

Together, we will help your customers and grow your business.

Indeni Security Infrastructure Automation provides the visibility teams need to not only see where issues may happen, but the filter to know which ones matter and the specific steps to fix them.

Check Point Pro has one great advantage: it’s hooked up directly to Check Point TAC, feeding from the source. It makes sure you know if your firewalls are utilizing any known problematic configuration. However, Indeni goes even further, by providing up-to-the-minute notifications of potential outages, as well as powerful graphing capabilities.

Our customer, O’Reilly Auto Parts faced the challenge of supporting hundreds of firewalls in a multi-vendor environment while ensuring uninterrupted access to critical health data. With Indeni, O'Reilly was able to ensure efficiency through automation. Download the case study to learn more.

Join the ecosystem of experts transforming security operations.

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BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.