Indeni Server

Receive a notification before an issue takes place. Within the notification, view prescriptive remediation steps recommended by IT pros.

Easy to Use

Why aren’t enterprise applications as easy to use as consumer
apps? We think it’s time IT Ops had a great user experience also.  

  • Download in minutes
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Receive notifications via the Indeni dashboard, via email or phone.
  • Integrate with ticketing systems such as Jira and ServiceNow

Easily Connects to Devices

Network and security device models and operating systems are all over the map. Each Indeni instance includes collectors that are pre-built to speak the language of your devices and its multiple operating systems.

  • Connect to devices such as Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco Nexus, F5 Networks, Fortinet FortiGate, and much more
  • Capture numerical metrics, as well as non-numeric to describe a current state, such as if a product license is up to date or not
  • These metrics are collected by connecting through CLI, XML or REST API, or the custom protocol of the device

Know What to Look for Out of the Box

Each Indeni instance includes the latest best practices crowd-sourced from our community of certified professionals. As an Indeni customer you receive a continuously updated set of automated runbooks. Thanks to your peers, Indeni comes preloaded with the expertise of:

  • How to complete high availability tasks 
  • What is “normal” and “abnormal” device behavior
  • What metrics are important to analyze – log, configuration, and running metrics such as CPU, memory, VPN connection, license expiration
  • How devices work – baseline use cases, device-related remediation steps for vendor-specific intricacies

Prescriptive Remediation Steps

From the simplest answers located deep in vendor forums to the more complicated which may require coordination across security, network, or data center operations teams.

  • Reduce the time spent searching for answers in vendor related forums such as CPUG, Palo Alto Networks Live, DevCentral
  • Avoid reliance on one or two IT heroes for “how to” tribal knowledge
  • Avoid the scars associated with an outage and leverage lessons learned from your peers