Intent-Based Networking

Drive innovation with an open development platform and fuel collaboration alongside the world’s largest community of certified professionals. Increase agility, reduce cost and ensure network availability.

Increase Agility & Solution Delivery

Indeni crowd-sources the network automation scripts and remediation steps from a community of certified experts. Together these professionals participate in an agile DevOps process to ensure they and their peers can avoid issues.

  • Thousands of automation scripts completely built by our community of network and security experts.
  • Community includes the most knowledgeable and experienced of security and network.
  • Let your users define what’s possible and work with the global community of industry experts to build the ultimate solution.
  • The world’s largest knowledge base for running networks effectively.

Increase Agility With DevOps for NetOps

Leverage the out of the box solutions and customize to hearts content with an open development platform.

  • Enable network and security engineers around the world to build many automation use cases.
  • An open development platform allows users to make the necessary customization, or even build your own.
  • Develop using Indeni Knowledge Language, a network friendly and easy to learn scripting language.
  • Support a variety of formats and running commands that vary from device to device, vendor to vendor.

Ensure Network Availability

Reduce the time it takes to maintain and operate the network with the Indeni Automation Platform. Address incoming change request to keep up with the business needs by automating repetitive tasks.

  • Come with turn-key capabilities built in to get started.
  • Package with a collection of automation scripts covering a variety of use cases including best practices, compliance, ongoing-maintenance, high availability, etc.
  • Replace manual, repetitive, error-prone and oftentimes boring work with automated scripts.

Share Knowledge. Grow Your Career.

Each month hundreds of certified network and security professionals come to Indeni Crowd to share their knowledge and build automated solutions.

  • Collaborate with network and security experts so you don’t have to deal with your operational issue alone.
  • A place to help you get started with coding and develop your own automation use cases.
  • Tap into our community of network and security engineers and they can help you with your DevOps project if you don’t want to build your own.