Indeni 7.0 Release

Improve visibility and increase time savings for Security Operations

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Indeni Auto-Triage Elements (ATEs) follow the same steps as a trained administrator, gathering diagnostic information from the affected device, so an operations engineer can quickly use the findings to go straight to resolving an issue.

Build security automation playbooks.

Indeni Auto-Detect Elements (ADEs) uncover issues related to High Availability, Vendor Best Practices, Compliance, Maintenance, and more. Check out the new elements for: 

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Role Based Access Control

Leverage integration with LDAP centralized user management for RBAC permissions and issue assignments.

Indeni Security Infrastructure Automation Robot

The coverage for Indeni Proactive Support Service has been expanded beyond Indeni core services, and now includes coverage for Auto-Detect Elements (ADE) and Auto-Triage Elements (ATEs) to provide “Indeni for Indeni” for our Automation and Knowledge.

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