Managed Indeni

The “Managed Indeni” service is offered by our technical support team to Indeni’s paying customers as a means of helping to ensure that the Indeni software is up and running smoothly 24/7 with the latest release. As part of this service we will:

  • Install the latest releases of the indeni software, including release candidates (releases that have passed QA but are not generally available yet).
  • Watch the configuration and health of the system closely to identify possible issues impacting operation.
  • Alert the customer to issues we think require extra attention.
  • Configure and maintain connectivity to Indeni Insight and provide related reports.

We require is VPN access to the indeni system (SSH, HTTPS and TCP 8181) and your approval to deploy release candidates as we see fit. We would be happy to sign a mutual NDA and adhere to your maintenance schedule as they apply to the Indeni system.

To get started, just shoot an email to