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From day one, it was clear to us at Indeni that in order to make network and security operations easier, we needed to get everyone to work together. Existing approaches to business continuity were unable to scale as each operator was limited to their own experience with hardware and software. What data to measure? What results are important? How do I fix the issue? The possibilities are endless. Our idea was to have network and security engineers from around the globe pitching in, sharing information for each other’s benefit. This line of thinking created the foundation of our Knowledge Base. Indeni Insight, the global repository for machine-generated data, is the third major component of our strategy.

The Indeni Insight network analyzes billion of points of telemetry, to offer the only repository of production device intelligence in the industry. This level of visibility across firewalls, routers, switches and load balancers allows us to discover and provide remediation steps for issues that would otherwise go undetected through our Crowd-Sourced Automation Platform.

Version 1.0 of Indeni Insight provided a “phone home” system that reported Indeni software configurations and statistics back to the Indeni Cloud. Customers across financial services, healthcare and retail enabled this capability which allowed our research and development team to improve the stability and scalability of our platform. Between Insight and the Crowd, our global knowledge base of network and security expertise is growing exponentially.

Since Indeni Insight’s inception it has taken off in adoption, allowing us to utilize these data points in much broader ways. So today, I’m proud to announce we’re launching three new services that are built on top of Indeni Insight.

3 New Services Available Late 2018 leveraging Indeni Insight Machine-Data

Automated Indeni Support

This enhances our regular 8×5 support to include our own automated validation of your Indeni instances and 24×7 analysis of their own behavior. Should an issue or a missing configuration be identified, our support team will reach out to you to help fix it.

Global Research

This service is provided free of charge to the global community, even those who don’t use Indeni yet. We are harnessing the machine-data we’re collecting to generate industry wide reports and analyses. We will be answering questions like:

  • What are the most common software versions used?
  • Who is migrating to what?
  • What’s the market share of different vendors?
  • What is the impact of enabling certain features in certain products?

Global Research is available at here, for example you will find the latest Palo Alto Networks Automation Trends Report.

Customer-Specific Research

This service is available to Indeni users only, and is currently free of charge. Here, we will take the insight we’ve accumulated globally and compare it to your own environment:

  • Are you bleeding edge, or lagging behind?
  • Do you have more, or less issues than others?
  • How well optimized is your environment?

Our previous reactive support tier, is being sunsetted and replaced with automated validation of Indeni. As of January 1, 2019, all customers will be upgraded to the Automated Support tier and the Indeni Insight functionality will be mandatory. This will allow us to build a more efficient, targeted technical services organization and better support our global user base.

Next steps

Current customers head over to the documentation site to follow the steps to enable Insight. New to Indeni? Learn more How Indeni Insight Works.

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