VXLAN with MP-BGP EVPN control plane

This is the second part of a series covering VXLAN on NEXUS devices using Multi-Protocol BGP(MP-BGP) as control plane. The first part looked at unicast and multicast control-plane. Some of the drawbacks of these options were mentioned in the first part. The advantage of Ethernet VPN(EVPN) is that the MAC learning happens in control-plane rather […]

E-BGP Peering with Cisco Nexus OS

Scenario Let’s consider a typical real-world BGP scenario: peering with your ISP. Maybe you don’t have a powerful enterprise router or maybe you want to save the device’s resources, but chances are you’d want your ISP to send you only a default route. But what happens if your ISP Network Engineer accidentally forgets to filter […]

BGP Routing Protocol

So what is BGP? In this series of posts I will be explaining the main principles of BGP. BGP–Border Gateway Protocol–is the de facto core routing protocol of the Internet. It operates by exchanging routes among Internet Autonomous Systems, and it is considered a path vector protocol. Routing is performed by shortest path possible and according […]

Posted by Matt Faraclas February 12, 2014 in BGP