Metro Ethernet

In today’s business networks, the demand for high bandwidth throughput, a flexible network and easy maintenance is critical. Metro Ethernet Area Network (MAN) comes as a simple and familiar technology, derived from local area networks (LAN), and used as a carrier link (WAN) by ISPs for enterprises. The advantages of Metro Ethernet are enormous. From […]

Posted by Matt Faraclas April 10, 2014 in Bandwidth

Load Balancing, Configuration and Routing Guide for EIGRP

Many of you have problems finding a comprehensive guide to load balancing for EIGRP. Using routing capabilities is a must in today’s evolving networks. In an enterprise environment, using EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol) is your best choice because EIGRP is fast and agile. Here is brief recap of EIGRP attributes.

Posted by Matt Faraclas March 24, 2014 in Bandwidth