Fortigate’s FortiDDoS Review

DDoS attacks are becoming a plague for companies that rely on the Internet to operate their business. Scripts to operate a DDoS attack are easily accessible and can make your Internet connection completely unusable. DDoS attacks use “armies” of malware-infected machines to flood the servers with un-legitimate traffic. Soon the server’s resources are entirely depleted […]

How to Prove an Outage is Not Caused By the Firewall

Source We all know it. The Firewall is the scapegoat of the IT infrastructure stack. When something goes awry with the network, the firewall is the first ‘person’ to get the blame. Sometimes the firewall is the culprit, but many times the reason for performance degradation or loss of connectivity is related to another part […]

How to optimize your workload with scripts

If you are thinking of expanding your network to support more clients, then you need to think about making your network more efficient and at the same time more user friendly for your clients. However, this is easier to say it than to implement it. In today’s networks, together with the more complex requirements from […]

Fortigate Firmware Upgrade: Dangers & Tips

New Firmware Releases As we know, network equipment vendors periodically release new software which should fix the issues from the previous release. Still, it’s no secret that, sometimes, new firmware can fix one thing while also breaking two more in the process. Therefore, if a new firmware release promises a fix for periodic issues with […]

Announcing Fortinet FortiGate Support

Indeni automation platform delivers a level of proactiveness that easily prevents IT outages. Check Point and Palo Alto Networks firewall users have been enjoying this benefit for year. We’re excited to announce the release of Fortinet FortiGate support. With automation, Fortinet users can have the same ability to resolve costly issues before they arise. See […]

Fortinet FortiGate HA (High Availability) Solutions

Importance of HA In this article, we will discuss the importance of HA (High Availability) solutions for your FortiGate firewall(s). We will compare two of the best solutions – VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) and HA using FGCP (FortiGate Cluster Protocol), outlining the pros and cons for each. We will also go through configuration examples. […]