Network & Security Automation: When the Lego blocks don’t fit

Who doesn’t love playing with Lego blocks? Colorful blocks of different shapes and sizes, all fitting so nicely together thanks to “the system”. In the network and security world, vendors are now touting new automation capabilities. APIs of various kinds, SDKs and tools. Each of them, built by the vendor, for the vendor’s products. Cisco, […]

3 Reasons for Customers to Enable Indeni Insight

From day one, it was clear to us at Indeni that in order to make network and security operations easier, we needed to get everyone to work together. Existing approaches to business continuity were unable to scale as each operator was limited to their own experience with hardware and software. What data to measure? What […]

Posted by Yoni Leitersdorf May 31, 2018 in Insight

We’ve just raised another $14M, here’s why

Today I’m excited to share that we have just closed another round of financing. The new investment, a total of $14M since our last funding announcement, was led by RTP Ventures and included State of Mind Ventures, Caremi Partners and existing investor Sequoia Capital. Startups raise massive amounts of money on a regular basis. I […]

The Future of Network Automation

How to Move from Manual Operations to Self-driving IT It’s no secret that automation is entering IT, and specifically the network and security space. At Indeni, the network automation platform, our customers have guided us in our evolution from Network Monitoring to Network Automation Platform. With over 1100 community members and leading customers in Financial […]

Announcing the future of infrastructure health

Today I’m excited to announce our platform for infrastructure health. Before I go into what we’ve just done, let me explain why. What’s the current status of infrastructure health? What exactly is broken in infrastructure operations? Why are enterprises around the world still grappling with downtime? Our research, as well as that of others, points […]

Check Point Users: You Are Not Ready for June 5th, 2016

UPDATE May 31st 2016: Check Point has updated the SK. The rollout of SHA-256 has been postponed to June 5th 2016. Back in April 2015, Check Point published SK103839. In it, Check Point informs its customers that the update services for the various software blades will start using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1. This is in response […]

Cisco vs Palo Alto Networks: The Hidden Battle

In my conversations with firewall users I often hear references to the “battle of the titans” between Check Point and Palo Alto Networks. Both are leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, their security technologies are often compared and the marketing slander has been seen often in all the different mediums. As everyone is aware, PANW’s aggressive […]

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Enterprise Firewall Comparison

DISCLAIMER: indeni has no specific bias towards one manufacturer or the other, but please keep in mind indeni currently supports firewalls made by Cisco, Check Point, Fortinet, Juniper and Palo Alto Networks. Gartner has just released its magic quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls. Two leaders were identified – Check Point (CHKP) and Palo Alto Networks […]

Support for Palo Alto Networks Firewalls + Ignite 2016

The firewall market has been on fire (no pun intended) for several years now. The latest security incidents and the need for better solutions have resulted in innovation coming from most of the large firewall vendors. It also resulted in a startup, that just until a few years ago was considered a new entrant and […]

Up Next: Crowd-sourced SaaS

Google released something today – a tool called The Customer Journey to Online Purchase. While this just a standalone tool at the moment, I’m sure we’ll witness parts of its capabilities integrated into Google Analytics at some point in the near future. This release, together a few more startups dotting the landscape (like RelateIQ, as described […]

“Renewing Indeni is a no brainer”

I just got off the phone with one of our customers, a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that I’m 100% certain every single US-based reader of this post will recognize. However, I can’t mention them by name. They have been our customer for two years now and have just renewed their contract. For us, that’s a great show […]

How to know if Internet of Things will break your network

Yesterday I spent some time with a new customer of ours, a Fortune 500 communications company. They are essentially the network over which a variety of companies send their data across. These companies can be in manufacturing, shipping, utilities, retail or anything else you can imagine. As we were talking, they mentioned a major project […]