How to Prove an Outage is Not Caused By the Firewall

Source We all know it. The Firewall is the scapegoat of the IT infrastructure stack. When something goes awry with the network, the firewall is the first ‘person’ to get the blame. Sometimes the firewall is the culprit, but many times the reason for performance degradation or loss of connectivity is related to another part […]

How to write reusable scripts with Junos OS

The purpose of this article is not to show you all the things that you can accomplish using Python libraries or how to write scripts in Python or any other language. It is more to show you the flexibility of Junos OS and how one can interact with it without having too much knowledge of […]

How to optimize your workload with scripts

If you are thinking of expanding your network to support more clients, then you need to think about making your network more efficient and at the same time more user friendly for your clients. However, this is easier to say it than to implement it. In today’s networks, together with the more complex requirements from […]

Announcing Juniper SRX Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Support

Indeni’s automation platform did it again! We are proud to announce support forJuniper SRX series Next-Generation Firewalls. Kudos and credits are due to our Expert community for requesting, developing, testing, and delivering! Here are a few scenarios that network and security professionals can avoid by using Indeni: 1. Network Outages caused by traceoptions and sampling […]

Overview of Juniper Security Appliances

With the rapid growth in data traffic in the past decade and the rapid expansion of computer networks, the necessity for network security and stability has grown massively. Due to these concerns, leading service providers and big enterprises have focused mostly on security, stability, and quality of service have been offering. However, even with service […]

Manipulating traffic with flow mode on Juniper SRX Series

Every experienced Network Engineer and System Administrator will agree with the fact that firewalls are an essential part of every network. They provide essential security from the outside world and hacking predators which are patiently waiting to exploit every possible mistake you can make when you are implementing your network. The standardized definition of firewalls, […]

Juniper JunOS Upgrade Technical Instructions

Scope of this document This document describes the list of operations to perform to upgrade Juniper JunOS devices from release 11.4Rx.x and 12.1Xxx to version 12.1X46-D40.2. Limitations of version IKEv2 on SRX Series devices in JunOS 12.1X46 does not support policy-based VPNs or VPN monitoring. Requirements Juniper firewall device must be managed by NSM[1] 2012.2r6 […]