Indeni Insight is Coming. Your Questions Answered.

Indeni Insight mandatory starting January 1st 2019 As of January 1st 2019, Indeni Insight will be mandatory in every Indeni installation. As an Indeni customer, you’re probably wondering why, what’s the value to you, and how safe it is. What’s Indeni Insight again, and why do I want it? Indeni Insight is a cloud based […]

3 Reasons for Customers to Enable Indeni Insight

From day one, it was clear to us at Indeni that in order to make network and security operations easier, we needed to get everyone to work together. Existing approaches to business continuity were unable to scale as each operator was limited to their own experience with hardware and software. What data to measure? What […]

Posted by Yoni Leitersdorf May 31, 2018 in Insight

Indeni Insight is your way of knowing where you stand

With Indeni Insight, CIOs and network architects gain more control and visibility over their networks. It works by supplying valuable insights and hard-to-access data about your network and other organizations’ networks from around the globe – enabling you to make smarter decisions. Get answers to questions like: Are we leading the market in the product […]