Checkpoint DDoS Protector Overview

Imagine this: You are sitting in your office thinking about your next project when a bunch of alarming emails and SMS messages ruins your day? While you’re checking your IGW (Internet Gateway Router) for connectivity issues, a lot of agitated and upset people stomp your office. You frantically call your Internet Service Provider’s NOC and […]

How to Prove an Outage is Not Caused By the Firewall

Source We all know it. The Firewall is the scapegoat of the IT infrastructure stack. When something goes awry with the network, the firewall is the first ‘person’ to get the blame. Sometimes the firewall is the culprit, but many times the reason for performance degradation or loss of connectivity is related to another part […]

How Customers Use Check Point Firewalls Around the Globe

To keep your business online and ensure critical devices, such as Check Point firewalls, meet operational excellence standards it is helpful to compare your environment to a third party data set. As part of the Indeni Automation Platform, customers have access to Indeni Insight which benchmarks adoption of the Check Point capabilities and user behavior […]

Announcing Automation for Check Point Scalable Platform Appliances: 41000 and 61000

When we work with a company who has Check Point 41000 and 61000 Security Systems chassis as part of their security infrastructure, we know we are dealing with mission critical operations. Cluster member management and maintenance are essential in a demandingly high throughput and connection capacity environment. Any ‘blip’ in communication can mean a loss […]

Announcing New Knowledge for Check Point GAiA Embedded

You may find a Check Point firewall running GAiA Embedded in any size organization, however they are most commonly seen and used in branch offices or even construction sites. The “Embedded GAiA” operating system is based on the core of GAiA OS. It contains a more stripped down version of tools and diagnostics (e.g. uboot, […]

How to See a Network Flow Through the CLI in a Checkpoint Firewall

If you want to check the traffic flowing through a Checkpoint firewall without using the SmartView Tracker, you can use “fw monitor” command. I will show you how to use fw monitor the way I use it for my troubleshooting process. Take into consideration the following: 1. If you have a cluster, this command will […]

TCP packet out of state

Alert Headline: TCP packets dropped due to “out of state” error Description: Some TCP packets, and therefore connections, are being dropped due to an invalid state. In the firewall logs these appear as “TCP packet out of state”. The list of affected connections is below. The firewall keeps a state table that is used to […]

TCP Connection States Issues For Check Point VPN

TCP packet out of state Wondering why this is happening? Wondering when this is happening? indeni will tell you when this is happening and will try and help determine why it’s happening. There are some known causes we’re capable of pin-pointing for you automatically. Useful, eh? Data sources: logs, configuration database in the management server and more. […]

Connection Table Full

Alert Headline: Connection table limit approaching or reached Description: There are 24,125 concurrent connections while the limit is 25000. The connection table limit should be increased to ensure uninterrupted operation. Indeni will re-check this alert every 1 minute. If Indeni determines the issue has been resolved, it will automatically be flagged as such. Manual Remediation […]

Cluster Routing Table Mismatch: Check Point Firewall Alert Guide

Alert Headline: Two cluster members differ in their routing tables Description: The routing tables for the following two cluster members do not match: they show different static routes. This could cause in problems during failover or under load sharing. indeni will re-check this alert every 1 minute. If indeni determines the issue has been resolved, […]

Check Point Hardware Diagnostic Tool for Hardware and OS

Check Point Firewalls Diagnostic Tool Below are samples of hidden issues that maybe lurking in your network environment. Keep the clocks in sync You’ve gone through the trouble of configuring the use of NTP on all of your firewalls. It worked at the time you’ve configured it. Then, months later, while troubleshooting an issue you […]

Join @indeni Tweet Sweep at CPX 2017

 Tweeting for prizes for CPX? Yes, please! indeni is thrilled to participate in our fifth consecutive year at Check Point Experience (CPX). As one of the major firewalls indeni covers, we love connecting with the Check Point community year after year. In order to connect with each of you, we are kicking off the @indeni Tweet […]