What TSA and Network Security Have in Common?

What is Operations Assurance? Picture an airport.  TSA has two important jobs.   The most visible job of TSA is to detect and block questionable items from entering a secured area, so people can connect and conduct business with fewer worries about safety.  Those of us who fly frequently recognize that this is important, so […]

Data Communication Platform Comparison: Apache Kafka vs. RabbitMQ vs. REST API

Before finalizing any major platform decision it is well known that extensive research must be conducted. This post highlights the process we went through before selecting Apache Kafka as our next data communication platform. We will guide you through our motivation, main data entity and requirements, which communication platforms we researched, and their differences. A […]

Where does Indeni fit in your environment?

We get it. The network and security software markets are difficult to navigate. There is an overwhelming list of technologies that you could use to monitoring, manage, troubleshoot, and analyze your environment. Goal of this blog post is to help you understand where Indeni can fit in your environment. Here are a few technology categories […]

Requiem for NPM

Are you still using SolarWinds’ NPM to identify issues in your firewall and load balancing gear? If you are, that means you are: Unaware if your gear is about to fail due to configuration mistakes. Incapable of knowing if there are interesting logs you should look at. Blind to the true health of your equipment, […]

Machine learning for logs, cut through the hype.

Splunk recently announced new machine learning capabilities in its Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise 6.5 release. Does everyone have machine learning capabilities now? What exactly is machine learning? See below for key considerations for this technology approach and how Indeni’s machine learning differs from Splunk. 3 things IT needs to know about machine learning Machine learning algorithms have […]

Comparing indeni and BackBox: In-depth intelligence vs simplicity

Safeway, a company headquartered in Rosh-Haain, Israel, has recently released BackBox version 4.5. In this new version, BackBox includes “Application level monitoring”, capable of providing “insight regarding the devices’ health, and run preemptive scans to determine upcoming problems.”. Naturally, this has caused a handful of users to ask us how does indeni and BackBox compare. […]

Cisco vs Palo Alto Networks: The Hidden Battle

In my conversations with firewall users I often hear references to the “battle of the titans” between Check Point and Palo Alto Networks. Both are leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, their security technologies are often compared and the marketing slander has been seen often in all the different mediums. As everyone is aware, PANW’s aggressive […]

Check Point appliances refresh: how do you compare?

We often get asked if we have data pertaining to the upgrade processes and cycles of Check Point users around the world. The short answer is, YES. The longer one, is that thanks to our indeni Insight service we get a deep view into the Check Point firewall user base. Once in a while, we publicly […]

Comparing indeni and Check Point’s SmartWorkflow and Compliance blades

The summary: SmartWorkflow helps you track your rulebase, the Compliance blade helps you identify specific configurations that are not in compliance with known security regulations. Both exist in order to ensure your firewall configuration is secure and so, your network is secure. indeni’s role is to make sure your firewall works – performance, log flow, […]

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Enterprise Firewall Comparison

DISCLAIMER: indeni has no specific bias towards one manufacturer or the other, but please keep in mind indeni currently supports firewalls made by Cisco, Check Point, Fortinet, Juniper and Palo Alto Networks. Gartner has just released its magic quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls. Two leaders were identified – Check Point (CHKP) and Palo Alto Networks […]

How to Keep a Bouncer Healthy – Comparing Algosec/Firemon/Tufin vs indeni

Many of our users work in the information security operations departments of mid-size to very large enterprises. As such, they regularly work with Check Point firewalls (which indeni supports), When you work with a firewall, you need to make sure the rule base matches the organization’s security policies. To help with that, there are companies such as […]