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A favorite saying of ours here at Indeni is “we could all use a little help from our [expert] friends.” While that statement stands strong, Indeni Crowd is here to enable our community members to grow into that expert role through the launch of our new rewards catalog. Participate in the crowdsourcing of Network Security best practices; earn points, and redeem one of the newly released rewards. The Indeni Crowd rewards have been selected specifically to help community members launch into the career of their dreams.

Indeni Crowd Rewards

Indeni Crowd is an IT professional’s go-to for sharing best practices and building Network Security Automation scripts. Members are empowered from a diverse expert community to bring IT environments to gold standards. Best practices and automation scripts not only enable your IT team to be successful, but now there are exclusive rewards for contributing community members. Members can redeem rewards after earning points for each contribution. Earning points is simple: ask for advice, share your expertise with others and learn about industry trends.

The sky’s the limit with Indeni Crowd. Leverage rewards to progress in your career, whether it’s with any of the seven (7) available prepaid online courses or vendor certification vouchers; Indeni Crowd is here to help you succeed. Below is the break down of the newly released rewards. Take your pick and watch your career soar!

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What is Indeni Crowd?

Great question! Indeni Crowd is an IT professional’s go-to for sharing best practices and building Network Security Automation scripts. Not only can you get immediate domain knowledge across a multi-vendor environment without wasting time reading through vendor support articles, but you’re helping Indeni crowdsource the knowledge that fuels the Indeni platform. The unique issues raised by community members kick off the “Indeni Knowledge Loop”. Our Indeni Knowledge Experts (IKEs) take the issues that garnered a lot of traction and begin building an automation script that will be deployed and utilized by Indeni end users.

How does an Indeni Crowd member collaborate?

Wow, another great question! Collaborating in Indeni Crowd can be as simple as reporting the current troubleshooting issue taking up too much of your time. Either an Indeni Knowledge Expert or another community member will jump to help you work through the issue and come up with resolution steps. Indeni Crowd provides domain knowledge and best practices to members.

This community runs on the “pay it forward” model. Someone is always available to help you work through your toughest issues, so if you see a post about an problem you have some experience in, help them out! You have the opportunity to show your skills through helping others.

Lastly, every contribution you make in Indeni Crowd earns you points. You can redeem the earned points for various professional development rewards in our new Rewards catalog.

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