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Both business owners and at-home computer users alike often make the mistake of assuming all firewalls are the same, when it actuality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As we discussed in our Guide to Firewall Security, there are multiple types of firewalls, and each option comes with its own unique benefits and capabilities.

But beyond the different firewall classifications, computer network users also need to be aware of who developed the firewall they are using, and whether or not that firewall security software (or hardware) has been favorably reviewed and proven to work.

To assist our clients with finding the best firewalls available to them, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most esteemed and prominent picks on the market today.

Here Are The Top Firewalls Of 2019:

1. Cisco ASA

Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) will be high up at the top of any firewall list today. Cisco ASA is celebrated for its ability to perform fundamental firewall tasks, along with VPN safeguarding, antivirus scans and much more.

This, combined with the platform’s ability to support next-generation encryption standards, and its Cisco Cloud Web Security integration, make it an easy consideration for best firewall of 2019.

2. Juniper SRX

Juniper SRX is a firewall series that supports appliances, software, and both private and public clouds. It is prized for its broad range of options— from multipurpose, integrated physical or virtual networking devices, to expandable, chassis-based data center solutions that can shield enterprise data centers and service providers of any size. 

Furthermore, its carrier-class hardware on the high end makes it extremely dependable and high-performing. Thus, it’s unquestionably a contender for best hardware firewall of 2019.

3. FortiNet FortiGate

It’s difficult to read firewall reviews for 2019 and not see FortiGate on the list. This NextGen firewall offers automated insights into applications, users and networks, and provides security ratings so businesses can adopt security best practices. It’s intrusion prevention, web filtering, anti-malware and application control capabilities make it one of the best enterprise firewalls available to companies and organizations of all sizes, and its FortiManager Cloud integration makes it easy to oversee multiple devices from one convenient location.

4. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto has some differentiating characteristics when compared to other firewalls reviewed in this post. For example, it is based on a Single Pass software architecture, which allows the platform to process data packets with exceptional speed. The VM-series also offers automation, which makes immediate policy enforcement possible without the need for manual intervention. For these reasons, many businesses and organizations choose Palo Alto to increase the efficacy of their security efforts. Check out our article on how to do a Palo Alto VPN setup to learn more.

5. Checkpoint Firewalls

Checkpoint Software Technologies LTD is well-known for providing advanced firewall solutions to some of the largest international enterprises in the world.

Their next generation firewall offers robust 24/7 protection with superior application control. In fact, their software has the most comprehensive application library of any software on the market today, integrating seamlessly with more than 8,000 web 2.0 apps.

In addition to their impressive app library, Checkpoint also comes with a powerful logging and reporting feature. The cutting-edge log analyzer delivers split-second search results providing real-time visibility into billions of log records over multiple time periods and domains
If you’re looking to purchase your security solution from one of the most reputable and acclaimed firewall manufacturers in the industry, Checkpoint is the provider for you.

No matter which firewall security solution you decide to invest in for your business, Indeni can ensure your firewall is working as intended. View firewall security issues that Indeni can automatically detect in the Knowledge Explorer. Try a free online demo today!

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