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This is a real life sample alert from indeni. The alert applies to Check Point firewallsF5 Load Balancers, and any other Unix-based device.


Some file systems have reached a high usage of inodes. To learn more about inodes, please read the Wikipedia entry. SOL12263 also has a reference to this (for F5©).

Affected File Systems:


73892 inodes used out of 75776.

Top directories using inodes are:

Manual Remediation Steps:

Look into the directories listed above and consider removing some of the files.

How does this alert work?

indeni analyzes the output of df -i and once a file system crosses the 80% threshold indeni will automatically use the “find” command to find the top directories (for i in `find / -type d `; do echo `ls -a $i | wc -l` $i; done | sort -n as shown here).

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.