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This is a real life sample alert from indeni for F5 Load Balancing Methods


indeni has run a syntax check of the iRules currently configured on this device according to the syntax used in version 11.6.0 (this device is running 11.1.0). The following iRules did not pass the syntax checks. This may impact the behavior of the iRules today, or after an upgrade to a more recent version of TMOS.

Affected iRules:

/Common/Custom_iRule_1202: error: /Common/Custom_iRule_1202:3: error: use curly braces to avoid double substitution[0xsubstr $ip 6 2]

Manual Remediation Steps:

Review the syntax errors mentioned and correct the iRules.

How does this alert work?

With every release of indeni, we update our mechanism for doing syntax checks of iRules so it uses the logic represented by the most recent release of TMOS. Then indeni pulls the iRules configuration (in bigip.conf) and runs the syntax check based on that logic. If any errors are found an alert is issued.

Need more info on F5 load balancing methods? indeni can help you achieve F5 perfect balance.

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