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Grow Your Talent From Within Through Certifications

As your company transforms from a product to a platform, undergoes a merger and acquisition, or embarks on one of many other business initiatives, your dependency on network availability will only continue to increase. At the same time, IT managers are undergoing (or about to encounter) a massive talent shortage. Did you know, there are over 250K open network operations role on Why is this?

As organizations move their network, storage and compute power to the cloud, IT needs talent that has deep domain expertise in critical systems (such as firewalls, routers and switches) in addition to an understanding of the cloud technologies, and experience with programming languages. This is one rock star that is going to be hard to find.

Before opening up headcount, approve a training course

With training, administrators will gain the experience they need to ensure devices are consistently implemented to vendor, security and compliance best practices, therefore reducing the amount of troubleshooting during their day to day. Not sure if your team will go to training? Think again. A recent report conducted by Indeni and GNS3 found 75% of respondents indicated that they plan to complete a network certification in 2018.

Simple Steps to Training Programs

To enable network and security professionals to adapt to changes in the infrastructure landscape, IT leaders first must address their internal knowledge gaps by giving employees access to new technologies. The goal is to not make your administrators experts only in the legacy infrastructure, but to give them the tools to grow them into managers of network and security automation processes. Recommended courses include:

  • Expert training on devices they support
  • Programming languages – eg. Indeni Knowledge Language, Python
  • Automation courses – Agile development people, process, technologies

Certifications & courses to consider:

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