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Data connections and led lights in an industrial building grain visable in areas and colours removed from certain images to enhance them., Low aperture used to create a shallow DOF on on connections or lights

This is a real life sample alert from indeni from our Palo Alto Networks Firewall Alert Guide.


Some jobs have failed on the device, please review the list below.


  • Job ID: 10
    The job has failed due to “Error: can’t find cert ‘your_cert’ for vsys 1”. Please review DOC-7890.
  • Job ID: 9
    The job has failed due to “dynamic-url Not available for PAN-DB”. Please review DOC-4388.

Manual Remediation Steps:

In the above list of failed jobs, please review the error message and the DOC if included.

How does this alert work?

indeni runs “show jobs all” repeatedly and compares any error messages with its own knowledge base as well as the one available on

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