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Every month we like to showcase one of the many outstanding members of our Indeni Crowd Community. I’m delighted to announce Rahul Tiwari as September’s spotlighted member of the month. Rahul has over three years of experience working with Cisco Routers and has an expansive skill set including hands-on experience configuring and testing layer three protocol, troubleshooting, managing a LAN/WAN environment for Cisco routers and switches, and so much more!

During his high school years, Rahul’s focus was in computer communications which led to his graduation from William Carey University, Shillong with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. After university, Rahul’s career started as a Desktop Engineer at Cybex Technologies, a diversified software service provider. Rahul’s expertise and highly analytical, problem-solving skill set prompted his promotion, where he is now a Network Engineer in Pune, India.

Some Facts About Rahul:

Rahul has a personal collection of postcards, snapshots of cherished childhood memories and some of his accomplishments which he can now add Indeni Member of the Month to his list! Rahul is a big fan of Bollywood music, specifically inspirational songs, one in specific; Chak de India. He considers one of his proudest moments to be the day he became promoted to a Network Engineer.


What is the most engaging question you’ve seen in the community?
Indeni & Python

What makes your experience with Indeni unique?
Indeni is helpful for me because it guides me step by step towards learning about products (How-To Guides, Runbooks, etc.) and provides a unique experience.

What has been your favorite part when working with Indeni?
Indeni Server is an excellent automation tool for IT Infrastructure, and also the Indeni Crowd forum because the challenges are a great way to learn step by step about products and its guide.

If you could automate one part of your job, what would it be?
If I could automate one part of my job it would be the ticketing system.

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