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Sergei Chernooki: Member of the Month, Indeni Crowd

Self-starters are flooding into Indeni Crowd with a vengeance! These motivated individuals not only seek answers to immediate networking issues but also are looking for a place to grow their professional skills. We are thrilled to have our March Member of the Month, Sergei Chernooki, as a leader within this crowd of go-getters! Based out of Belarus, Sergei logs in regularly and has seen noticeable benefits from his involvement with Indeni Crowd.

As a long-time freelance network engineer, Sergei was conditioned from an early age to enter the IT space, “My parents worked at a Telco and one of the first books I opened was about labor safety guidelines for telecom workers.” Since then, he has acquired countless Cisco technical and sales certifications. As a true self-starter, Sergei has begun the process of learning how to code saying:

“I never thought coding would be so essential for networks, but this is our reality. We live in a software-defined-everything-as-a-service world. It’s all about coding, whether it’s an automatic night-lamp in the corridor to SpaceX. So now I find myself developing bash scripts…Python is next!”

Sergei has been ahead of the curve with his progressive take on networking. In his college days, his wrote his first script to make an 8-bit PC to produce sounds and creeping lights to reflect CPU health. As he progressed in his IT career, he graduated on to writing his own bash scripts for health checks. Now, with the help of Indeni Crowd, Sergei can leverage Indeni’s crowdsourced scripts to automate repetitive tasks. Sergei encourages all coding-newbies to take the dive saying, “Better late than never. By learning how to code, you’re on the right path.”

In search of professional development opportunities, Sergei stumbled upon Indeni Crowd through Upwork, another impressive crowdsourced company. After exploring every corner of Indeni Crowd, he found a lot of value:

“[Indeni Crowd] is easy to find, easy to enter and easy to contribute. I get to experience and recognition, and I like to see that my contribution is used by others. I have already seen noticeable benefits. I actually think Indeni’s advantage is the ‘three big GPs’: Great People who develop Great Processes and produce a Great Product. Our combined success comes from Indeni listening and acting on feedback.”

We are grateful to have such an amazing self-starter as our March Member of the Month. Congratulations Sergei! We invite everyone to read some fun facts and comment below.

Fun Facts about Sergei Chernooki

Who are your IT heroes?

Robert Metcalfe is someone who differentiates himself from the rest as one of the “fathers of Ethernet”. I know there will be more big names coming from our time, too.

If you could master one new IT skill, what would it be and why?

I am thinking of ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) and soft skills. The world is no longer divided into cubicles and we need a wider picture.

What is your proudest moment as a network engineer?

I don’t believe it has happened yet. There are so many challenges all around and each of them can lead to a great achievement.

What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?

That depends. I like classics and choir on special events; something calm and relaxing when driving through the city; and, of course, church psalms are very inspiring to me.

Do you have a collection of anything?

I have kept my postage stamps album since my school days. Now I think this is the best thing we can collect is new experiences and impressions.

What has been your favorite challenge in Indeni Crowd?

Ask the Technology Forum is my favorite challenge because the technology forum is where crowdsourcing meets production.


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