Vasileios Bouloukos
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Cisco Nexus OSFP vPC Implementation & Verification Cisco Nexus virtual Port Channel (vPC) is a virtualization technology launched in the mid of 2009. The majority of Cisco Nexus Series Switches (Nexus 9000, 7000, 5000 and 3000 Series) supports the Cisco Nexus virtual Port Channel (vPC), which is a virtualization technology launched in the mid of… Read More

Results are in! F5 Agility 2018 Attendee Survey

As a crowdsourced network automation platform, Indeni is constantly learning and improving from the IT community. It comes as no surprise that research was the main focus of Indeni’s lively booth at F5 Agility 2018 conference. Indeni’s booth visitors were invited to answer a brief survey, earning them a complimentary reward within the Indeni Crowd… Read More

Keep Your Network Neat and Tidy with Automatic System Labels

Labels are a way to group your devices making it easier to manage your devices and saving time when you are changing thresholds, backing up devices, viewing issues, and creating reports to name a few. There are many methods you can choose to group your devices in the Indeni Platform: Grouping devices based on the… Read More

Ulrica de Fort-Menares
Posted by Ulrica de Fort-Menares August 21, 2018 in Releases

Announcing F5 Ask the Expert Session with Patrik Jonsson

With the end of the summer rolling in, we have a new initiative we’re rolling out to expand the knowledge of our community in a series of Ask The Expert sessions. A seasoned veteran will be available for an entire week on our forum to bounce ideas or answer questions regarding specific devices. The discussion… Read More

Guido Areces
Posted by Guido Areces August 17, 2018 in Events, F5

Indeni 6.4 is Now Generally Available

We are very excited to announce that Indeni 6.4 is available for download. This release brings many valuable features including: Role-based Access Control Change User Preference for LDAP Authenticated Users Rules Visibility New Knowledge – Check Point CloudGuard Support Role-based Access Control Role-based access control (RBAC) is the latest feature built into Indeni Rel 6.4.… Read More

Ulrica de Fort-Menares
Posted by Ulrica de Fort-Menares August 7, 2018 in Releases

August Member of the Month: Hariprasath Ravichandran

Each month we choose to shine the spotlight on a member of Indeni Crowd who goes above and beyond with their contributions to the community and act as role models and leaders in their respective fields. This month’s community member is no exception to the rule. I’m delighted to announce Hariprasath Ravichandran as our August… Read More

Guido Areces
Posted by Guido Areces August 6, 2018 in Community

Indeni Sponsors F5 Agility 2018

We’re excited to announce that Indeni is sponsoring this year’s F5 Agility conference. From August 13th to the 16th we’ll be trading in our Philz Mint Mojito coffee for some Dunks iced coffee, and enjoy 24 hours of hands-on labs, over 100 breakout topics, and an impressive series of keynote speakers in the historical city… Read More

Guido Areces
Posted by Guido Areces August 2, 2018 in F5

How Customers Use Check Point Firewalls Around the Globe

To keep your business online and ensure critical devices, such as Check Point firewalls, meet operational excellence standards it is helpful to compare your environment to a third party data set. As part of the Indeni Automation Platform, customers have access to Indeni Insight which benchmarks adoption of the Check Point capabilities and user behavior… Read More

Automating Configuration Backup

One of the most important tasks of a network and security administrator is to backup the configuration files of your device periodically. Frequency could be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your policy. In the unlikely event that your firewall should lose its configuration or require a factory reset, you can retrieve the configuration file… Read More

Announcing Exclusive Indeni Crowd Rewards

A favorite saying of ours here at Indeni is “we could all use a little help from our [expert] friends.” While that statement stands strong, Indeni Crowd is here to enable our community members to grow into that expert role through the launch of our new rewards catalog. Participate in the crowdsourcing of Network Security… Read More

Palo Alto Networks Administration Basics

Introduction Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls (NGFW) are security devices that possess a range of capabilities to meet current and future information security needs. This blog provides the steps to get started on the path to becoming an exceptional Palo Alto Networks administrator. Initial Steps Take the following steps when preparing to manage a Palo… Read More