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What does Custom Report do? Custom Report lets you create reports where you choose which dimensions should be displayed. This gives you insights into the health posture of your security infrastructure. You can schedule your reports to be sent daily, weekly or monthly to your stakeholders. What reports should I build? Here is a list… Read More

Data Communication Platform Comparison: Apache Kafka vs. RabbitMQ vs. REST API

Before finalizing any major platform decision it is well known that extensive research must be conducted. This post highlights the process we went through before selecting Apache Kafka as our next data communication platform. We will guide you through our motivation, main data entity and requirements, which communication platforms we researched, and their differences. A… Read More

Announcing Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG Support

We are announcing support for Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG physical and virtual appliances. Kudos and credits are due to our Expert community for developing, testing and delivering! ProxySG identifies malicious payloads, mitigates risks and helps your organizations enforce internet policy compliance. You want to ensure ProxySG is always protecting your users from threats. Here are… Read More

Indeni Insight is Coming. Your Questions Answered.

Indeni Insight mandatory starting January 1st 2019 As of January 1st 2019, Indeni Insight will be mandatory in every Indeni installation. As an Indeni customer, you’re probably wondering why, what’s the value to you, and how safe it is. What’s Indeni Insight again, and why do I want it? Indeni Insight is a cloud based… Read More

Fortigate’s FortiDDoS Review

DDoS attacks are becoming a plague for companies that rely on the Internet to operate their business. Scripts to operate a DDoS attack are easily accessible and can make your Internet connection completely unusable. DDoS attacks use “armies” of malware-infected machines to flood the servers with un-legitimate traffic. Soon the server’s resources are entirely depleted… Read More

Checkpoint DDoS Protector Overview

Imagine this: You are sitting in your office thinking about your next project when a bunch of alarming emails and SMS messages ruins your day? While you’re checking your IGW (Internet Gateway Router) for connectivity issues, a lot of agitated and upset people stomp your office. You frantically call your Internet Service Provider’s NOC and… Read More

Cisco Nexus Review, Testing & Verification of the embedded NX-OS Packet Capture Tools

Introduction Cisco NX-OS offers a robust set of features to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Nexus series switches at the Data Centers. Taking advantage of the Cisco NX-OS architecture which is running on Linux OS, makes it easy to embed productive tools used by network administrators who are familiar with Linux-based environments. Two of… Read More

Indeni Sponsors AnsibleFest 2018

The automation titans will be under one roof this October when Indeni sponsors AnsibleFest 2018. Here at Indeni, we are as eager to dive into a whole range of automation conversations. Win Big at Indeni Booth If you are able to attend AnsibleFest in Austin, Texas this year, you are in for a treat at… Read More

How to Prove an Outage is Not Caused By the Firewall

Source We all know it. The Firewall is the scapegoat of the IT infrastructure stack. When something goes awry with the network, the firewall is the first ‘person’ to get the blame. Sometimes the firewall is the culprit, but many times the reason for performance degradation or loss of connectivity is related to another part… Read More

September Member of the Month: Rahul Tiwari

Every month we like to showcase one of the many outstanding members of our Indeni Crowd Community. I’m delighted to announce Rahul Tiwari as September’s spotlighted member of the month. Rahul has over three years of experience working with Cisco Routers and has an expansive skill set including hands-on experience configuring and testing layer three… Read More

Guido Areces
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F5 Agility 2018 Recap

Last month, the Indeni team traveled to the east coast to sponsor the F5 Agility conference hosted in Boston. We got the opportunity to meet countless attendees, many of whom visited our booth and played our onsite slot machine game to win a virtuality reality headsets, including an Oculus Go. In addition to our lively… Read More

Guido Areces
Posted by Guido Areces September 5, 2018 in Events, F5

Palo Alto Networks Advanced Administration Tips

Introduction The Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls are a part of a security platform that provides a plethora of configuration options within its devices. The results from adequately utilizing the available configuration options provide a strengthened security posture in respect to existing and future information security challenges or organization mandates.    Thus, the installation of… Read More

Reduce the signal to noise ratio for issues up to 75%

IT operations are often experiencing alert fatigue as the influx of issues can be overwhelming. To alleviate this problem, we are introducing a new feature in 6.4.3 to reduce the amount of issues generated. How does Indeni work today without the cool down feature? Indeni knows what to look for out of the box. The… Read More