Release Notes 5.1

We’re excited to announce version 5.1. While this version has been generally available for a few months now, it has had improvements added to it over the past two months.

New product versions supported:

  • F5© BIG-IP© 11.x

New signatures:

  • The following are some of the F5-related signatures included in this release:
    • Identify node availability issues
    • Pool member connection limit nearing or reached
    • Load balancer connection limit nearing or reached
    • Number of active members in a pool lower than threshold
    • Number of SSL Transactions per Second nearing license limit
    • ConfigSync state not OK
    • Reaper process started
    • Cross check certain log lines with

Bugs fixed and minor improvements:

  • WC-2051: Network Health left-side widgets empty in some cases
  • IS-1365: Discovery of analyzed devices was sometimes slow due to a behavior issue with CentOS’s /dev/random
  • IS-1363: NIC details were not indexed by the Search feature in certain cases
  • IS-1346: Prevent “service indeni4it start” from starting the application more than one time
  • IS-1087: RADIUS authentication with one-time tokens resulted in lockouts
  • IK-1951: VPN debug messages contain partial information
  • IK-1924: “Coredumping setting not as desired” Profile Check – FP
  • IK-1914: “Some members of the same cluster are not being monitored” FP
  • IK-1856: Hardware alert FPs on Check Point Open Servers
  • IK-1626: SNMP monitoring – “Device clock appears to be set incorrectly” FP
  • IK-1919: “SecureXL templates are partially disabled” FP
  • IK-1871: “HSRP cluster members differ in VLAN configuration” FP
  • IK-1670: Live Configuration – all NICS are showing as Down
  • IK-1852: indeni server’s disk filled up without any storage alerts
  • IK-1847: Failed to Communicate alert: wrong details when Check Point shell is not bash
  • WC-1800: Performance of rendering of the list of devices has been improved
  • WC-2061: Network Health – scrolling alerts show acknowledged alerts
  • IS-922: Ignored items list was sometimes cleared instead of stored
  • IS-1371: Full text search improved to increase coverage and improve result sorting
  • IS-1357: “fwaccel stat” added to debug report for Check Point firewalls
  • IS-1088: Improvement to the performance of the generation of inventory reports
  • IK-1901: “RX traffic drastically reduced post fail over, possible ARP issue” add specific interface details

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.