3.3 Archived Issues

The Archived list is an accumulation of historical records of all the issues detected. Generally, users archive issues that no longer require their attention.

To view the list of Archived issues, navigate to the Issues tab, toggle to the Archived button at the top right corner. When an issue is archived, it is removed from the Active list. Indeni stores all resolved issues. These are placed under Active issues until they are manually archived. There is no aging algorithm. 

See 3.2 Active Issues for more details.


The user can Restore an issue in the Issue Summary. The issue will return to the Active issue list.

When an issue is archived, the system halts email notification relating to the issue. The system will continue to populate the NOTES section with the state change information. It will continue to update Syslog, the incident ticket (if applicable) and SNMP. This way, when you decide to restore the issue, you will have the historical information about the issue.

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