2.1.1 BlueCat

In order for Indeni to run its full set of discovery and interrogation scripts for BlueCat Address Manager and BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server, both SSH & SNMP access are required. For SSH access, a root user needs to be used to connect your system. Before adding a BlueCat device, make sure the SSH credential for the root user is provided in Credentials Set.


Before configuring the SNMP credential set, enable SNMP service on BlueCat Address Manager:

Enable SNMP service on BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server:

Then, add the community string from the Indeni Server Credential Set page.

Indeni Server Configuration:

  • Click on Devices icon on the side-panel to the left-hand side of the screen
  • Select Credential Sets, and create a new/modify an existing credential set
  • Select SNMPv2
  • Enter the community string along with a description
  • Hit Add