2.3 Managing Indeni Users

Manage your Indeni users by navigating to Settings –> Users

By default, Indeni is configured with a single user: admin

Click on NEW USER to add additional users to the system

Users logging on to the system through LDAP will be automatically added to the Indeni system once they have logged on. This requires an LDAP Integration (see Section 6.1 Centralized Authentication with LDAP)

LDAP users will be automatically associated with their respective LDAP Groups

Indeni Groups
Users may be assigned to Indeni Groups
Create a new group by clicking on the NEW GROUP button

If you’ve previously configured an LDAP integration, you can configure a new LDAP group by clicking NEW LDAP GROUP


Users and groups may be associated with roles.
You can easily assign one or more roles to an existing user or group by navigating to the relevant user or group and adding the appropriate role from the Roles section

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