Apply Server Certificates

There are times when you will need to install or update certificates on your server. Please see the general instructions below to complete this task. Please write at anytime should you require assistance. You can also ask us in the community!

REQUIREMENTS: Access to the Indeni server with a username and password. You do not need a user with root access.

PLEASE NOTE: Indeni support cannot reset your ubuntu username and password. Please see these instructions for assistance.


  1. Log into the Indeni server and via the CLI type the following:

# leave the default /usr/share/indeni-services/indeniserver.p12 in it’s place
# we can use the new certificate as-is
cd /usr/share/indeni-services 
cp ~/ssl_wild_pkcs12.pfx 
cd /usr/share/indeni-services/vigile
cp config.js
vi config.js
# update the following two lines
keystore: process.env.INDENI_KEYSTORE || “/usr/share/indeni-services/indeniserver.p12”,
passphrase: process.env.KEYSTORE_PASSPHRASE || “l530s8qLHy”,
# to
keystore: process.env.INDENI_KEYSTORE || “/usr/share/indeni-services/ssl_wild_pkcs12.pfx”,
passphrase: process.env.KEYSTORE_PASSPHRASE || ““,
# save the file - type :w
# quit vi - type :q
# restart the services
sudo service indeni-vigile restart
# refresh the browser used to access Indeni’s GUI and check the certificate 

How to Generate a CSR Certificate

  1. Log into the Indeni server and via the CLI type the following:
openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout yourdomain.key -out yourdomain.csr

Then enter the required information. More detail around this process can be found here.