Release Notes 8.3.0

For more details about this release, read this blog.


New Features

  • Analytics Dashboard (watch this short video for a quick overview)
    • Rearrange the widgets on the Dashboard page
    • Make every widget interactive allowing users to set filters and ask questions
    • A new widget – ‘Top 10 Alerts’
  • Ability to resume a suppressed device similar to a suspended device


  • Support the back button from your browser so you can move back and forth between the Dashboard and the Issues page

Bug Fixes

  • IND-169 Selecting “Security Risks” followed by “Critical” in the Issues Per Vendor dashboard crashes the UI resulting in a blank page


New Features

  • BlueCat Integrity
    • High service CPU usage
    • DNS lookup failure(s)
    • Large accumulated WAL file size or large number of accumulated WAL files (BAM only)
    • Communication amongst DNS servers not working (BDDS only)
    • Auto-Triage NTP sync failure
    • DHCP statistics for graphing and reporting
  • New Auto-Detect Element for Broadcom Blue Coat ProxySG
    • Alert if the device stops sending syslog to Syslog server
  • New Auto-Detect Elements for Check Point:
    • Alert if Generic Data Center Objects external server not reachable
    • Admin login table locked objects detected
    • Contract file size too large
    • Monitor log rate per Multi-Customer Log Manager
    • Alert if an ID collector is no longer sending updates
  • New Auto Detect Elements for Palo Alto Networks NGFW
    • Dynamic Address Group tags approaching limit
    • Added 2 recently added CVE’s:
      • CVE-2023-6790 PAN-OS: DOM-Based Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability in the Web Interface 
      • CVE-2023-6792 PAN-OS: OS Command Injection Vulnerability in the XML API

Bug Fixes

  • IND-99 CHKP: Fixed http-login-denied parser error
  • IND-248 CHKP: Fixed the chkp-cpstat-os-licensing issue when a license is expired
  • IND-226 PANW: Fixed the “SSL decryption issues have occurred” false positive
  • IND-286 CHKP: Fixed the ‘failing to kill tcpdump’ ATE issue creating huge pcap file

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.