Free License Patch 3.1.18

Please Note: The following instructions are intended for those affected by the recent licensing system issue. If you did not receive an email directly from Indeni about this, then please disregard the remediation steps outlined below.

Free License Patch – Instructions to Update

Step 1:

Download the license_update.tgz and the license file (.lic) provided to you via email. 

Step 2:

Using WinSCP (or other secure file transfer program) move both files to the /home/indeni folder on the Indeni server.

Step 3:

Connect to the Indeni server via SSH or PuTTY and perform the following:

  1. Type in ‘tar xzvf license_update.tgz‘ then [enter]. It should extract the file.
  2. Type in ‘./‘ then [enter] to run the script. To complete the process, please enter your Indeni WebUI credentials. The default credentials are: Username: admin | Password: admin123!

A successful output will show you the updated license details, which should match the .lic file name provided to you.

{“expiration_date”:”2020-02-27T08:00:00Z”,”expiration_in_days”:727,”customer_name”:”Autogenerated license until Thu Feb 27 00:00:00 UTC 2020″,”standard_devices_count”:100,”customer_uid”:”b04df8dd-f627-4726-97fd-83ed2b483f7f“,”special_devices_count”:10,”license_type”:”Enterprise”,”has_expired”:false}
Successfully updated

Step 4

After the process completes, login to the Indeni WebUI, go to settings and verify the license has been updated. The Customer ID should match the provided license details.

Please contact if you require assistance with this process.


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