Release Notes 8.2.0


New Features

  • Analytics Dashboard
    • A new widget – ‘Issues resolved over the past week’
    • Enhance the ‘Device Health by Vendor’ widget to show the number of devices per vendor
    • Retire the “Devices per Vendor” widget (information is now presented in the ‘Device Health by Vendor’ widget
    • Device Connection State – A new widget to show the number of devices connected, suspended, not responding, and failed to communicate
  • Ability to clone a custom report
  • Credential sets are applied in order, from /32 to /0, and a new issue to verify that the relevant users are used to connect to the devices.
  • Support CMD-Click on the MAC to start a new tab for drill-down purposes


  • Enhance the online upgrade process to route the pip upgrade through Prior to this, pip uses the OS-level proxy setting causing pip upgrade failure
  • On the dashboard, count issues relating to the list of active devices only. In other words, filter out issues relating to suspended devices

Bug Fixes

  • DEVOPS-575 Upgraded flyway utility to the latest release
  • DEVOPS-576 Fixed the “Failed to update apt-cache” issue

New Products

  • BlueCat Address Manager
  • BlueCat DNS/DHCP server


New Features

  • New Auto-Detect Elements for Check Point:
    • Alert if ID collectors not sending updates
    • Alert when HTTP login denied logged
  • New Auto Detect Elements for Palo Alto Networks NGFW
    • Alert when routes are changed
    • Separate the ‘High CPU usage per core(s)’ alert for the management and data plane
    • PANW Chassis – track line card status
    • Monitoring zombie process(es)
    • Added 6 CVE’s
      • CVE-2023-0004 PAN-OS: Local File Deletion Vulnerability
      • CVE-2023-0005 PAN-OS: Exposure of Sensitive Information Vulnerability
      • CVE-2023-0007 PAN-OS: Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability in the Panorama Web Interface
      • CVE-2023-0008 PAN-OS: Local File Disclosure Vulnerability in the PAN-OS Web Interface
      • CVE-2023-0010 PAN-OS: Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability in Captive Portal Authentication
      • CVE-2023-38046 PAN-OS: Read System Files and Resources During Configuration Commit


  • Check Point – add a human readable description field to the “License expiration nearing” alert

Bug Fixes

  • IKP-4700 fixed typo in asg-route-novsx script
  • IKP-4795 fixed the parser error on missing management data
  • IKP-4798 ‘(Non Virtual) Management service down’ – fixed the false positive issues due to ‘cpstat’ output changes
  • IKP-4799 fixed the type error: string indices must be integers
  • IKP-4803 fixed the empty name field issues for fwmultik_stat_monitoring-vsx
  • IKP-4810 ‘Certificate authority not accessible’ – fixed the false positive issue due to ‘hping’ failing to use the correct interface
  • IKP-4852 fixed the false positive issue caused by the XML API change from <fail-cond> to <failure-condition>

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.