6.7 Audit

Audit log keeps a record of actions taken by users on the indeni system. This includes the user name, time stamp and the IP address from which the user access indeni. This allows you to keep track of which users are making changes to the indeni profile. With this information,  you can discover who did what, where and when. 

You can view from the user interface every change event to the system. Navigate to the Settings Icon, select Audit. You can also view logon attempts and logon failures. 

The Audit Log display can display up to 5000 entries. By default, the system will fetch the latest entries but you can specify a time range for the entries. 

Note: audit events may display sensitive information and require admin privileges in Indeni. Read-only users do not have access to view audit events.

The following table lists the event entries and the corresponding user who made the change.

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