4.2 Device Uptime Report

Please Note: New report in 7.11.0.

The Uptime Report shows the percentage of uptime over a specified interval. For example, device A has 99% uptime over the last year). You can specify the group of devices by selecting the label. However, the report is designed to be exported in CSV format for customization. 

Enter the interval, then hit the blue “Select Interval” button to take effect. 

Note: Our assumption is that Indeni is connected to the device all the time. When we cannot connect to the device resulting in “Device Not Responding” or “Failed to Communicate”, we consider that as downtime. 

If a device has been suspended for an extended period of time, you may see Uptime showing as N/A. This is because we are not able to calculate the uptime.

To resize, move or remove a column, click on the hamburger icon. The vertical bars icon is used to remove a column. Check the columns you want.


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