Offline Upgrade

For security reasons you may want to operate your Indeni server without outside access to the Internet. Given that our product requires outside access to the internet to upgrade to the latest versions, this can pose some difficulties. Because we take security seriously, we have developed an offline process by which you can upgrade the version without having to open your Indeni server to an outside connection.

Downloading and Installing

Before you begin you will need to download the following packages:


Once downloaded, transfer both files via SCP or SFTP to the Indeni server then do the following:

1. Create an offline folder by typing ‘mkdir /home/indeni/offline

2. Transfer the current.version.number.tar.gz and the packages.tar.gz to the directory you just created: /home/indeni/offline

3. After the files have transferred, unpack the current.version.number.tar.gz file by typing the following: “tar -xvzf current.version.number.tar.gz“. It should create an additional directory named after the current.version.number you are wanting to upgrade to.

5. Next, go to the current.version.number directory: ‘cd /home/indeni/offline/current.version.number

6. Now unpack and install indeni-triton.deb by typing the following:  ‘sudo dpkg -i indeni-triton.deb

You are now ready to upgrade!  Type ‘imanage’ and then choose #2 to upgrade.

Please Note: The upgrade process can take anywhere between 10-15 minutes depending on what version you are upgrading from. Please contact if you require further assistance.