Support tickets can be opened by leaving a message at Toll-free +1-877-778-8991 or via e-mail to

Additional information can be found at Indeni Support.


Products offered by Indeni, like networking itself, are constantly evolving. New capabilities and functionality, including Indeni’s ability to recognize and configure new devices and identify and resolve additional errors, are being added on a regular basis.

Updates can now done through Indeni tools, which can be loaded by typing ‘imanage’ from Indeni’s server CLI, and also the WebGUI under About.

Please Note: Updates require access to Indeni’s repositories residing on Amazon’s Web Services at You can setup a proxy to access it if you have security concerns. Also, it’s best to review with your Indeni Account Manager, or test in a virutalized environment before upgrading a package. We never recommend you upgrade a production environment without understanding the details around the updated build.

Server Support

We do not officially support additional software on the Indeni Server and cannot predict how the server might behave if installed without consultation. Please contact us at before installing any third party applications on the Indeni server so it can be reviewed in more detail.

Common issues when connecting Devices to Indeni

In most cases, the content of the alert will provide the user with all the required details. Please make sure to expand the alert so that the alert’s content becomes available. Verify SSH connectivity between Indeni and the analyzed device by connecting to Indeni over SSH and initiating an SSH session into the analyzed device using Indeni’s designated username and password.

In some cases, as indicated in the alert’s details, management servers require their superior management server to be analyzed before they can be analyzed (for example, MDS needs to be analyzed before a CMA can be, in the case of Check Point). If indicated, please make sure to analyze the superior management servers.

Common Errors

Failed to communicate – No response on port 22

As a first step to assess where the issue lies, try to SSH from the Indeni server to the analyzed device. If this fails, try to understand why this happens and this will lead to solving this issue. Make sure that port 22 is opened in your firewall. Please check the rule base of any firewalls involved in the path between Indeni and this device to ensure this port is allowed.

Failed to communicate – SSH Credentials

Authentication failed. Please update the SSH credentials as follows:

Go to Credential Set, Delete and re-create. If you have one credential set, this will be the default set for all devices. Make sure you add the appropriate set to the device. You cannot edit Credential Sets, they must be deleted and re-created.

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.