Persistent Server Configuration

Indeni GA Release 8.1.0 introduces support for persistent applications’ config files in order to eliminate manual post-upgrade settings.

Note: Applying any configuration change will require a restart of the relevant service

The following service configurations can now have persistent changes in a new overwrite.conf files:


The application.conf files include a comment, at the bottom of the file, in order to explain the use/format of the respective overwrite.conf file:

# Optional configuration override file. (ignored if doesn't exist)
# Use the same structure as this file, such as:
# indeni-server {
# lock-port = 39914
# }


The following is an example of the contents of the server’s overwrite.conf file that overrides the Device Suspension thresholds from the default 85% to 95%.

indeni-server {
 device-configuration-defaults {
    backoff-cpu-threshold = 95.0
    backoff-memory-threshold = 95.0

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