Release Notes 6.5.7


  • Enhancements to Notes section in the Issue Page
  • Bug fixes


  • FRONT-2268 – Maximum number of users from ServiceNow API call limited to improve performance
  • IS-4199 – Making a comment in the note section of the issue page now indicates the user adding the note
  • IS-4200 – Assigning a Ticket to a user triggers a new comment in the note section of the issue page

Bug Fixes

  • FRONT-2289 – Fixed issue where LDAP user names were shown with user IDs instead of usernames
  • FRONT-2158 – Fixed issue where email notifications could be configured without a valid email
  • FRONT-2234 – Fixed issue in Custom Reports where some emailed pdf graphs were not legible
  • FRONT-2236 – Fixed issue in Custom Reports where selecting Absolute time range did not update the Time Range displayed in the report
  • FRONT-2250 – Admin user can be deleted from table although it still exist
  • FRONT-2289 – LDAP user names are shown as user-IDs instead of user names
  • FRONT-2323 – Custom Reports – Bar chart Y axis is too short and device name gets cut off
  • IS-3732 – Alerts for interface configurations should only be shown on interfaces with admin-state = “true”
  • IS-3999 – Unexpected input causes parser to fail on some PAN commands  
  • IS-4182 – Cannot run command which does not indicate the YAML file path
  • IS-4233 – Some metrics are not shown on custom reports due to an extra space character in the metric headline


New Features

Check Point

  • IKP-2333: Added support to identify CPU temperature nearing maximum for 61K chassis
  • IKP-2331: Added support to identify chassis failure for 61K chassis

Bug Fixes

Check Point

  • IKP-2818: Update command used in log-server-connection-vsx script
  • IKP-2792: Improve SSH command used to fetch VS CPU utilization
  • IKP-2779: Improve “SecureXL Disabled” alert to not trigger if its status is “disabled by Firewall” or “off by Firewall”
  • IKP-2641: Update SSH commands on several scripts to avoid parsing errors in unix-ps_auxw script
  • IKP-2374: Fix “Repeated Failed Login Attempts By A User” alert not resolved automatically within reasonable duration

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