Cold Standby Server

The new cold standby feature is a technique for improving reliability and mitigating risks by preparing an idle backup in the event the primary Indeni server fails. Data from the primary system will backup automatically and content is synced from the primary server to the standby server regularly, which ensures a quick switchover in case the primary server is unavailable for any reason.

How to Backup & Restore

1. Login to your Indeni server, type ‘imanage‘.

2. Choose Set Cold Standby server option and then set the passive server IP and password.

How does Cold Standby Work?

Once you have configured the Cold Standby server, we run the “cold standby” job every 3 hours. This job will backup the active Indeni server and sync the backup to the passive server.

Please Note: The Cold Standby process will disable all Indeni services and crons on the passive Indeni server.

How to switch between Active/Passive?

  1. SSH into your active server and stop all Indeni services by copying and pasting the following line into the Indeni CLI: ‘for service in /etc/init.d/indeni*; do sudo ${service} stop; done;
  2. After the services have stopped, SSH into the passive server and restore from a backup file using Backup & Restore option in imanage.
  3. Next, choose “Set Cold Standby server” option.
  4. Set passive server IP and password (use the previous active server IP).
  5. Your passive server has now become active.