Part 3: Navigating the User Interface

After login, the site will land you on the Summary Page by default. To the right of the page, we have the 4 Icons which are your main menu options:

ISSUES: This is where you can find Current and Archived alerts, and configure your Indeni Rules.


ANALYSIS: This is where you can get a historical analysis of monitored devices.


DEVICES: This is where you can manage Devices, run Device Reports, Device Backup, create Labels and also manage your Password Groups (Credential Sets).

SETTINGS: This is where you can view your License details, setup Integrations and Manage Users.


At the top right you you can quick jump to your Critical, Error and Warning messages. You can change the severity of issues in Indeni Rules. The icons to the the left of the issue types continue to represent the severity throughout the WebUI:

These menu links are always present along the border of all the main sections within Indeni so you never miss an issue while operating inside the WebGUI.