Indeni Insight

Get access to the largest database of production network data. Make better decisions and write high-quality code.


Benchmark Device Performance

Whether you are evaluating new network or security devicesĀ or looking to lower the TCO of your existing infrastructure, with Indeni Insight you can benchmark your performance across your peers and make informed decisions.

  • View common device models and software versions used across peers
  • View top issues with specific device model or software version

Maximize Your Use Of Indeni

View performance, maintenance and adoption trends across your Indeni Instances:

  • Current license utilization
  • Version in use
  • Issues resolved and pending
  • Best practices followed
  • Work hours saved

Receive High Quality Automation Code

Top contributors in Indeni Crowd gain access to the global network and security trends within Indeni Insight. This allows them to create runbooks that address the most pressing challenges across the globe.

  • What devices need automation?
  • Which software versions to prioritize?
  • Which runbooks are creating the most value for Indeni users?
  • How to tune current scripts to reduce false positives?