Release Notes 5.9.37

What’s new in the latest version of 5.9? Support for Check Point R80.10 and additional alerts and knowledge improvements for Check Point Technologies, F5 Networks, and Palo Alto Networks. See below for the detailed notes. Customers head over to the Indeni Forum within Indeni Crowd to join the conversation around these capabilities.

New Features

Check Point

  • IKP-177 Better handling of “vpn-check-tunnels” with multiple sattelite or center gateways
  • IKP-344 Check for when Identity Awareness DC server disconnected – adlog a dc
  • IKP-357 Collect CPU per virtual system
  • IKP-479 NEW! Added Indeni support for R80.10 GA gateway. Parity with R77.30
  • IKP-602 Alert on high bandwidth usage on interfaces
  • IKP-616 better fix for vpn-ipafile-check-novsx.ind and sync with vsx version
  • IKP-637 Alert if snmpv1/v2 is bing utilized only if SNMP is enabled
  • IKP-799 Added 61k interrogation for Indeni support
  • IKP-800 Added 61k interrogation for Indeni support – VSX

F5 Networks

  • IKP-361 Collect disk usage on vCMP host
  • IKP-374 Alert on usage of matchclass in an irule
  • IKP-376 Alert when no NTP servers are configured
  • IKP-395 Alert when TCP Syslog server is not reachable
  • IKP-449 Alert on ssl-weak-cipher and ssl-weak-protocol vulnerability, replacing vuln-sweet32 alert
  • IKP-492 Exclude the management interface from the slow port speed checks
  • IKP-493 Exclude the non-default settings from the action on service down check
  • IKP-494 Remove memory resource metric from vCMP hosts


Check Point

  • IKP-517 Some devices show two “ntp-servers” metrics
  • IKP-618 modify cluster comparison rule by removing additional policy-installed-fingerprint metric
  • IKP-635 Reduce flapping of “Configuration changed but not saved” alert
  • IKP-636 Reduce flapping of “Integration with identity/AAA server down” alert
  • IKP-600 Modify default threshold and alert content for “RX packets experienced errors”

F5 Networks

  • IKP-147 Consider route domains – remove “%[id]” from IP addresses and routes
  • IKP-487 Modify route limit alerting content
  • IKP-519 Correct text content in actual configuration details
  • IKP-590 Reduce flapping of “Cluster member no longer active” alert

Palo Alto Networks

  • IKP-411 Modify default threshold for “Packet drop counters increasing” alert

Cross Vendors

  • IKP-600 Modify default threshold and alert content for “RX packets experienced errors”

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