Release Notes 6.7.0


  • Early adopter feature:
    New RESTful API now allows users to integrate 3rd party apps with Indeni and retrieve or edit information from the system
  • Bugs Fixes

New Features

  • External API – Indeni now supports a RESTful API featuring several key actions: 
    Retrieve issue(s), modify issue(s), create or modify Credential Sets, retrieve or edit device information and more. 
    Please contact your Indeni sales representative for more information about this feature
  • Refresh Rate setting on the issue page was replaced with a link to the Settings Page

Bug Fixes

  • IS-4286 – Resolved an issue in which sending a PSQL value larger than 8192 bytes returns an incorrect error code
  • FRONT-2542 – Resolved an issue in which field names in the custom reports are cut off on the left
  • FRONT-2472 – Resolved an issue in which tickets can be assigned an “Unassigned User”
  • FRONT-2532 – Fixed an issue where when archiving an item in an issue causes the entire issue to be archived
  • FRONT-2358 – Corrected error code generated when attempting to enter an invalid route on the UI
  • FRONT-2414 – Fixed error code associated with URL redirections
  • FRONT-2357 – HTTP only attribute changed to set on Cookies containing Session tokens
  • IS-4313 – Fixed an issue where “Repeated login failure” generates multiple issues and notes per issue in the UI
  • IS-4325 – Fixed an issue where “Core dump files found” creates multiple notes in the UI
  • IS-4377 – Command Runner – add “–no-color” flag to avoid escape sequences in the text output
  • FRONT-2513 – Fixed an error in Syslog outgoing message format; outgoing Syslog messages are now logged in the integrations log 

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.