Release Notes 6.0.11

What’s new in the latest version of Indeni? Enhancements in the core platform across the Indeni Server, Collector, Development Tools and Indeni Insight to improve performance. In addition the latest build for knowledge includes new alerts and improvements to existing for Check Point TechnologiesF5 Networks, and Palo Alto Networks. See below for the detailed notes. Want the latest build? Download the latest version here.


New Features


  • Logging alerts at ‘info’ level for better debugging
  • Add support for tag injection in CommandRunner
  • Support custom indeni-knowledge packages as part of the build


  • Collect IND input data
  • Support custom indeni-knowledge packages as part of the build

User Interface

  • Resize graph size with window size changes
  • Make device name clickable in alert report side pane
  • Convert \n to
    tags on alert items


  • Insight capability and initial data objects are added.


  • CheckPoint: Repeated unsuccessful logon attempts
  • CheckPoint: Improved VSX – “Per-virtual-system concurrent connection limit nearing”
  • CheckPoint: IPSO support
  • F5 Networks: Check for presence core dumps
  • F5 Networks: Change f5-service-check to a double metric, gauge type
  • F5 Networks: Verify that a default node monitor has been configured
  • F5 Networks: BIG-IP Pool member response time too high
  • F5 Networks: Interfaces to show mask and status in Live Config
  • Palo Alto Networks: Interface throughput



  • Analysis – aggregation views (w/m/w) are not showing the full range of data
  • Indeni war files removed to reduce size of memory footprint
  • “Bytes Transmitted” and “Bytes Received” metrics are being written to the same file


  • Multi-step stopped working with XML parser

Dev Tools

  • Improve watchDog service logic. Restart service only if 5 strict health checks failed


CheckPoint Technologies

  • Alert correction – Embedded GAiA – half-duplex and low speed to alert on active interfaces only
  • Device info and alert correction – show-interfaces-all captures lo
  • “hardware and software clock mismatch” updated to accommodate varied, yet acceptable discrepancies
  • Corrected parsing failure in command cpmds-cpca_client-lscert
  • Eliminate false positives on “MISSING” disks
  • Alert enhancement to accommodate R76.40SP – “vsx…” alias broken, must replace with “fw vsx…”
  • Decrease timeout value for test-ca-connectivity: TCP connection test
  • Alert correction – SNMP reports as being unencrypted when its v3
  • Alert correction – appliance temperature issues
  • Alert correction – continue interrogation when cp services are stopped
  • fw.log size increase on gateway will now alert when expected
  • Text update Change snmp-enabled from enabled/disabled to true/false
  • False positive alert resolved “Critical configuration files mismatch for local.arp”
  • Removed duplicate IND script – causing false positive – causing “device not responding”
  • Consolidated multiple scripts for writing same metrics

F5 Networks

  • Improved function of mcpd debug alert
  • Improved function of alert to detect weak-ciphers
  • Alert Correction for NTP server synchronization failure detection
  • Alert correction for DNS server failure detection

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.