Release Notes 6.0

What’s new in the latest version of 6.0? Check out the story of 6.0 and see the detailed release notes below.¬†Customers head over to the Indeni Forum within Indeni Crowd to join the conversation around these capabilities.

Redesigned capabilities

The following functionalities were removed in this release.

  • How it worked in 5.9 -> How it works in 6.0
  • Compliance Management -> Backup – Backup devices under monitoring to Indeni’s server
  • Settings -> Users – Ability to assign roles and select alert severity level for e-mail notification
  • Settings -> Audit Log – Track user access and config changes on Indeni
  • Reporting -> Device Configuration – Scheduled device Actual Config report via email
  • Reporting -> Inventory – Generate device Actual Config for immediate download to excel file
  • Reporting -> Alert Summary – Schedule Alert Summary report via email
  • Reporting -> Procurement – Schedule report about device performance issues, license expiry, etc. via email

New Features


  • IS-2739 Add Trends API
  • IS-2807 Add size to command result and logic in order to identify and handle commands that are retrieving a large amount of data
  • IS-2840 Display EULA and insight API
  • RES-56 Add support for identifying metrics that are not conforming to the expected behavior

Check Point

  • IKP-177 Better handling of “vpn-check-tunnels” with multiple satellite or center gateways
  • IKP-344 Check for when Identity Awareness DC server disconnected using “adlog a dc
  • IKP-357 Collect CPU per virtual system
  • IKP-479 Added Indeni support for R80.10 GA gateway. Parity with R77.30
  • IKP-602 Alert on high bandwidth usage on interfaces
  • IKP-616 Correct “Check Point Firewalls: Errors found in $FWDIR/conf/ipassignment.conf”
  • IKP-637 Alert if snmpv1/v2 is bing utilized only if SNMP is enabled
  • IKP-799 Added 61k interrogation for Indeni support
  • IKP-800 Added 61k interrogation for Indeni support – VSX



  • DEVOPS-13 update startup scripts to handle memory allocation between the services
  • IS-2764 Improve handling of missing credentials
  • IS-2802 Resolve issues with alerts that are based on metrics that don’t arrive often
  • IS-2803 Encrypt events recorded by the collector
  • IS-2828 Eliminate “Device not Responding” due to ssh connection pool issue
  • IS-2856 Handle commands with duplicate names
  • IS-2859 Fix issue where graphs are not displayed due to missing data

Check Point

  • IKP-517 Some devices show two “ntp-servers” metrics
  • IKP-618 modify cluster comparison rule by removing additional policy-installed-fingerprint metric
  • IKP-635 Reduce flapping of “Configuration changed but not saved” alert
  • IKP-636 Reduce flapping of “Integration with identity/AAA server down” alert

Palo Alto Networks

  • IKP-411 Modify default threshold for “Packet drop counters increasing” alert

F5 Networks 

  • IKP-147 Consider route domains – remove “%[id]” from IP addresses and routes
  • IKP-487 Modify route limit alerting content
  • IKP-519 Correct text content in actual configuration details
  • IKP-590 Reduce flapping of “Cluster member no longer active” alert

Cross Vendor

  • Fix IKP-600 Modify default threshold and alert content for “RX packets experienced errors”

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