Release Notes 6.1.4

See below for the detailed notes for 6.1.4. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.

Knowledge New Features


  • Licensing enhancement to support virtual systems
  • Added new informational notification in the event a non-permanent VPN tunnel went down
  • Added new rules to detect duplex, speed, MTU and subnet mismatch in a High Availability environment.
  • Added a new rule to detect LDAP fingerprint not trusted scenario.

Check Point

  • IKP-954 Added NTP Pool servers support
  • IKP-1351 Added Configuration Compliance check support
  • IKP-1361 Added wildcard support in the string that we entered for comparison for Check Point Configuration compliance check

Palo Alto Networks

  • IKP-1104 Added network interfaces information to “Devices” view

Knowledge Bug Fixes/Improvements


  • IKP-1210 Changed severity of these rules from Error to Warning:
    • Cross vendor license has expired
    • PAN Firewall update action download only
    • PAN Firewall application lag check
    • Cross vendor SNMP v2
    • All devices NTP not syncing
    • Cross vendor no NTP servers
    • Cross vendor compliance check NTP servers
    • Cross vendor DNS servers comparison
  • IKP-1053 Fixed the “have expired” and the “about to expire” headlines in the rule
  • IKP-1436 Temporarily disabled the “config unsaved” notification

Check Point

  • IKP-1369 Fixed the issue where fw_tab_stats_vsx and fw-tab-stats-novsx were retrieving the wrong field
  • IKP-641 Fixed the “required interface(s) down” issue for VSX to support both “Per Virtual System State” enabled & disabled mode
  • IKP-981 Fixed the R75.30 – fw-tab-stats-novsx parser failure issue
  • IKP-1120 Added “Tx bytes” support to “ifconfig -a”
  • IKP-1340 Fixed the “Repeated failed login attempts by a user” incorrectly resolved issue
  • IKP-1356 Fixed the “Certificate Authority not accessible” issue
  • IKP-1376 Fixed the issue where we incorrectly identified a MDS
  • IKP-1382 Fixed the “Jumber Hotfix Take mismatch across cluster members” false positive issue
  • IKP-1388 Fixed the issue where we incorrectly run automation scripts on a MDS
  • IKP-1411 Fixed the missing VPN down issue in vpn-check-tunnels-novsx
  • IKP-1412 Fixed the “network port down” issue not resolving problem
  • IKP-1415 Fixed the “IPv4 address” display in the “Devices” view to include the list of interfaces
  • IKP-1476 Fixed the pnote down failed to resolve issue
  • IKP-1478 Fixed the issue where kernel tables do not have limits defined leading to “unknown” states causing the issue to remain unresolved
  • IKP-1089 Added more details to the “Hardware Element Down” issue
  • IKP-1475 Fixed the long command issue with the embedded GAiA device

Cisco NXOS

  • IKP-871 Changed automation scripts interval to < 60 minutes
  • IKP-993 Fixed the invalid “show version” command execution issue
  • IKP-1108 Improved the remediation steps for the “High Disk Space Usage” issue


  • IKP-1276 Fixed the issue where the file “/usr/share/indeni/rules/f5_snatpool_exhaustion.rule” failed to load

Palo Alto Networks

  • IKP-1261 Fixed the panos-show-high-availability-interface-ha1 parsing error
  • IKP-1311 Fixed the panos-show-interface command execution error
  • IKP-1416 Fixed the issue where non-Chassis devices were tagged as “chassis”
  • IKP-1450 Fixed the “Hardware Element Down” false positive issue for FANTRAY

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.