Release Notes 6.1.5

See below for the detailed notes for 6.1.5. Customers head over to the Indeni Forum to join the conversation around these capabilities or explore our learning paths. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.


IS-2681 – Threshold change leaves existing alerts active. Handle use cases: user adds/removes a device label from rule configuration, user creates a new rule configuration.

IS-3110 – Analysis graph for Interface Throughput is only showing 10 interfaces  – remove the 10 item response limitation


IS-3019 – Fix alert resolution when alert stays open due to unknown evaluation

IS-3100 – Resolve an issue when there are no open issue-items and the some evaluations result in an unknown

IS-3102 – Remove Indeni 5.9 web client (the old UI) that was accessed on port 8181

IS-3054 –  Fix cross_vendor_vpn_tunnel_down handling of hosted devices (e.g. VS on VSX)

IS-3084 –  host IND files host under /usr/share/indeni-knowledge/stable/parsers

DEVOPS-85 – Support new folder structure for knowledge deployment (see IS-3084 above)



FRONT-852 – Fix, server hangs when adding new labels while adding devices

FRONT-913 – “Warning” count always shows 0

FRONT-940 – expand text in drop-downs so it will be readable if entry name is long

FRONT-968 – improve installation process from UI

FRONT-900 – Allow installation only when version downloaded

FRONT-904 – migrate to ES6

FRONT-925 – create ind mode for text highlighting

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.