Release Notes 6.2.3

See below for the detailed notes for 6.2.3. Customers head over to the Indeni Forum within Indeni Crowd to join the conversation around these capabilities. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.


Knowledge New Features:

Cisco Nexus

  • IKP-1536 Nexus Fabric Extender (FEX) Enhancements.
    • Fabric port failure.
    • Diagnostic check for the forwarding ports on the FEX ASIC,
    • FEX connectivity status check.
    • Diagnostic check for the fan speed and control to the FEX.
    • Diagnostic check for the inband port to the FEX.
    • Online diagnostic for the power supply to the FEX.
    • Online diagnostics to verify the integrity of the backplane and supervisor SPROMs (Serial Programmable Read-Only Memory) of the FEX.
    • FEX diagnostic status failure.
    • FEX diagnostic temperature failure.
  • IKP-1413 Virtual Port Channels (vPC) best practices and consistencies.
    • vPC VLAN inconsistency.
    • Graceful consistency check feature not enabled.
    • vPC configuration consistency.
    • vPC Peer-Gateway enhancement not activated.
    • vPC auto recovery feature not enabled.
    • vPC peer link down.
    • vPC type 2 inconsistency.
    • vPC peer-keepalive link down.

Knowledge Bug Fixes/Improvements

Check Point

  • IKP-1419 Fixed the subscription signatures updates IND script.
  • IKP-1590 Modified rule headline to distinguish between permanent VPN tunne vs. non-permanent VPN tunnels.
  • IKP-1630 Fixed the detect management interrogation script.
  • IKP-1652 Fixed the IND script causing the “cross_vender_cluster_down_vsx” issue.

Palo Alto Networks

  • IKP-1554 Improved remediation steps.
  • IKP-1567 Fixed the links to documentation based on release “70”.
  • IKP-1629 Removed the old chassis interrogation script.

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